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Endure … The tears


I’ve never seen the Passion of the Christ movie. I’ve avoided it. Today, by mere accident, I turn on a youtube video of a william mcdowell song that plays the crucifixion scene.

Oh the tears…  I couldn’t help but weep. This is why I would never watch it. I don’t like tears. (understatement, let me tell you)

Now my face itches, my nose is stuffy but I’m grateful & more loving of Christ in this moment. I can endure the tears and what they cause me to feel. He endured far worse because he loved me.

I try to imagine what I would endure for my coming mate and future children. It causes to want to praise God the more, because I have an inkling of what that love must be like, the barest inkling.

Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to endure!

When I find the link again, I’ll post it.