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If anyone were to ask me if I am modest woman, I would give a flippant and put upon response. Maybe this in God’s way of convicting me? Well if that is so, then He has loads more work to do in me, because comments, explanations, exhortations that aren’t specifically requested are still likely to be ignored/resisted.

If you know me, pray for me but say nothing. If you don’t, pray but say nothing. It’s the only warning to be issued.


Where I was on Jan. 11, 2012


I’m single. I wonder, if I were married would I stay late at the office as often as I do now. Would I be excited and desirous to spend the evening with my mate? In my mind, I say heck yeah, even though I know that the truth is that some evenings may produce more dread than I think I feel even now because life happens. So in the meantime, what do I do now?

First get off this computer and get out of the office.

Second, avoid all shopping locations, restaurants and libraries, where I can fill time.

Third, avoid books—umm, scratch that, not gonna happen, more like: take care of a few errant chores… i.e. laundry and that chicken that needs cooking.

Fourth, talk to my biblical husband; spend time getting to know Him better. Maybe then this loneliness, this restlessness will ease.

Fifth, sleep the slumber of peace and restoration, because I have few more work days to this week.

Let’s go!