In so many words


Snobbish, cold, distant, unapproachable, dismissive, amazon, arrogant, intimidating, flighty, flitting like butterfly never settling long, guarded, pulling away, rude, disdainful, disrespectful, uppity, mean, indignant, unobservant, elusive, immodest, immoral, disobediant, fast, double-minded, lazy, sluggard, oblivious, ambivilent, obvious, insensitive, pushy, sharp, bossy, harsh, controlling, uncaring, dissapproving, too liberal, staid, immature, boring, wild, detached, prejudiced, judgemental, hypocritical, wavering… Try saying all that in one breathe. I’ll bring you an oxygen tank, don’t worry.

A horrible description, right?

It describes me, though. Some expressed to me or about me by others, some determined by 20/20 hindsight. All true, all false. Why? Because Christ Jesus died for me and in Him I am a new creature (2 Cor. 3:18, 5:17). Old things are past away and all things become new. I am a new wine skin being filled by God on a daily basis, through prayer, study of His word, belief in Christ, and faith in action.

The descriptions of the first paragraph above are pervasive thoughts that can eat you alive if you let them. Or they bouy you into becoming more like Christ – Christ in you the hope of glory. They can cause you to be determined to study more, meditate longer on His word, so you will what God says about you, who you are in His eyes, how He sees you in your new wine skin.


The salt of the earth, light of the world, city upon a hill, wise soul winner for Christ, disciple, part of a royal priesthood, liberated and redeemed, justified through faith in Christ, meek, patient, longsuffering, loving, set free, cleansed, delivered, righteous through, sober, forgiven, repentant, sensitive to others, loving of others as you love yourself, epathetic, compassionate, fearfully and wonderfully made, head and not the tail, above and not the beneath, lender and not the borrower, the apple of God’s eye, soft, warm, precious in the sight of God, more precious than rubies and diamonds, a woman (man) of substance and integrity, a feminine (masculine) force to be reckoned with, at peace and centered on the instruction of God.

I think I prefer that description. How about you?


11 days or 40 years? (written late April)


It took 11 days to bring the children of Israel to the brink of the promised land. It was decided that scouts would check it out. Most returned with negative and fearful reports, save one or two.
They listened to the majority, even though they were told by God that the land was theirs for the taking. In response to this rejection, God made them turn around and wonder the wilderness for 40 years until a generation passed away.


Many of us go through this metaphorically. There’s something we want to do or a promise we expect to come to fruition. On the brink of receiving the thing or the promise we want/expect. We put out feelers, cast out a few lines.
Most of them become taunt with discouragement, but a few are easy to reel back in.  We freak out! We get frightened. We back way up telling ourselves this isn’t God’s will.

to come

Where I was on Jan. 11, 2012


I’m single. I wonder, if I were married would I stay late at the office as often as I do now. Would I be excited and desirous to spend the evening with my mate? In my mind, I say heck yeah, even though I know that the truth is that some evenings may produce more dread than I think I feel even now because life happens. So in the meantime, what do I do now?

First get off this computer and get out of the office.

Second, avoid all shopping locations, restaurants and libraries, where I can fill time.

Third, avoid books—umm, scratch that, not gonna happen, more like: take care of a few errant chores… i.e. laundry and that chicken that needs cooking.

Fourth, talk to my biblical husband; spend time getting to know Him better. Maybe then this loneliness, this restlessness will ease.

Fifth, sleep the slumber of peace and restoration, because I have few more work days to this week.

Let’s go!

Shapeless or shapely dress, which shall she wear? – One Friday’s thoughts


A long shapeless dress with flats, no makeup or shapely well fitted garment with a cinched belt and a modicum of makeup enhancing one’s features? Hmmm, which one does she choose?

The difference in selection could stem from the difference in her understanding of how God feels about a sinner’s past.

I listen to Joyce Meyer often and one of her many messages resonates with me. She expresses that there is a difference between conviction and condemnation. I’ve looked it up in the dictionary and from the best I could see, they were synonymous.

However, the Bible says (may be kinda paraphrasing here) that there is therefore NOW no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Ok then. Then why doesn’t conviction fall into that category?

A revelation hit this evening: when a person feels convicted of sins they can repent and apologize of them, releasing them into God’s forgiveness because Christ Jesus has already paid the cost for the sin. The slate is wiped clean!

Yippee, right?

Weeeeeell, when the person has repented and been forgiven yet still feels burdened, they feel condemned. As if the forgiveness never came – that Christ was not sacrificed on the cross for them – that they have to pay further penance for their sin. (Now that isn’t to say consequences may not be exacted, but penance is different. Another blog for another day mayhap?)

With that being said, a woman or girl who committed sins in her past, repents of them but feels condemned may try to hide herself in shapeless clothes and no enhancements of any sort. She may attempt to stay in the background not wanting to attract attention lest her past sins come to light, condemning her, bringing her the feeling of shame, again.

The great thing about Christ’s love is that once she realizes and accepts that through her conviction, she repented; and that her sins were forgiven, her slate wiped clean, she may then finally realize that she is free to move on, move forward.

She is free to wear the shapely garment with the cinched belt, jewelry and a touch or two of makeup (in other words: strive to look her best), understanding that there’s no reason to hide, God has her in His embrace and has a guided path for her to follow, full of abundance, peace and gracious love. She is the apple of His eye! 😀

Any feelings of condemnation are from Satan trying to keep her bound, so as not to enjoy the abundant life, Christ died to give her.

Recognizing this is freeing, makes the day brighter – life less about coping or sliding under the radar and more about fulfilling the path God has for her.

Yaaay!!! Thank you Jesus!