Six month sabbatical, ALL expenses paid


If you were given six months to do whatever you wanted and money was no object (I.e. rent/mortgage/bills/food/travel/auto/etc. All paid for), what would you do with that time? Especially if you didn’t like current life path you were journeying.

I’ve asked this question several times different ways over the last four years. Every response varies tremendously, even if it’s more than one response from the person. It changes based on where they are in that moment of their life.

I ask myself that question constantly. I have no set answer. I finally realize that’s okay. My answer should change. My answer should bring about a change in my thinking, thinking and life journey. Which hopefully means that the next time I consider the question I’ll have accomplished some part of the last iteration, even though said sabbatical has not yet come.

I enjoy hearing others answers to the question. It’s encourages me to look/reach/desire/want/ask/strive for more, to think outside the proverbial “box”.

So I wonder now, what would you do, REALLY DO with that time? It’s not a lot of time, it can go by in a blink. Think about it, Selah and all THAT jazz.


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