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40 days… 40 years, not me!


The children of Israel/Abraham were delivered from bondage thru miracles and death defying events.  Yet upon reaching the outskirts of the Promised Land and receiving the Word from God that it was theirs, they sent out testing feelers for 40 days. For their disbelief, distrust & disobedience, they were sentenced to a 40 death sentence of wondering, purging, and training up of the next generation who knew not the yoke of the Egyptian bondage.

Do I want to pursue this type of cycle? Not really, yet how many times have I allowed natural issues and concerns to supercede the voice of my supernatural father?

Well I’m done with that. Yet I also know that talk is cheap, action is telling so how do I move forward obedience to His will? 1 step. 1 moment. 1 blind leap of faith in him at a time. through the renewing of my mind in God’s Word. Doing what I study and read and hear so as not to deceive myself but in pure grace filled biblical truth infused faith!


3 weeks…


After so many years. Peace to my prayerful heart… through silent words spoken within.  Thank you Abba.

My time has come. Am I ready? Have I decided? Probably not and Yes, but I’m still excited.

If I could walk on water, I’d dance the waves. I am dancing in my heart. Change is coming and I couldn’t be more at peace.

May the peace that passes understanding continue to guard the heart and mind through Christ Jesus. Ciao!

***the photo is not my own*** If you know the owner, please let me know and I will credit them. It is a beautiful show of God’s glory.

Update 13 months later. Has the excitement died? Would I still dance on the waves? Am I still at peace? Has the change come? Given my current mindset or rather mood on this Christmas Eve that I’m not fighting very well, most of the answers are negative except the latter. A change occurred, that I expected, several months after the 3 weeks, but it’s not THE change I was hoping for. I have not lost hope, although the excited meter needs some tuning. Still, I am, or will be, actively practicing patience and cultivating peace.

Keeping up with live music, people…


November 2012 – Thursday night race through  bumper to bumper traffic after a ten-hour day because I love live music and my home skillet TJ is on the mic, woot woot!

April 2013 – It’s many months past, yet and still I journey for the love of live music and new friends… different locale, new home skillet KSC on keys, ever more amazing sound and vibes. Cannot imagine that this season will end.

I could lose my financial mind attending live music events, but tragically responsibility, and a healthy enjoyment of a place to lay my head and food to fill my belly, cause me to tread lightly. So be it.